The Waters Above

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For 40 days and nights, the rain poured down in the initial phases of the flood of Noah.  The Waters Above presents the biblical, anthropological,  and scientific evidence that the source of this rainfall was an ancient vapor canopy which surrounded the pre-flood earth.

This canopy explains the warm climate which once prevailed above the arctic  circle and the existence of frozen mammoths, sabre-tooth tigers, and tropical plants found buried in the tundra muck.

It also provides an explanation to the perplexing problem of gigantism in remains of giant reptiles, insects, and some mammals which no longer exist.  The biblical record indicates that prior to the flood, the average life span of man was 912 years, and yet in the years immediately following the flood, life spans began to decline exponentially for 17 generations.  One effect of the canopy was to shield the earth from cosmic radiation and eliminate C-14 production in the upper atmosphere.  The absence of these factors may explain ancient longevity.  The collapse of the canopy shield would explain the declines in lifespans.

A key contribution of this book is the computation of the vertical temperature structure under the canopy and a plausible theory of why it was stable.  Calculations indicate that the average surface temperature under the canopy was mild and that the canopy was stable until the volcanic activity of the flood caused it to precipitate and in the rainfall of the Deluge.