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Marriage is the most significant voluntary relationship that two people can enter. It has great potential for happiness but also for pain and disappointment.

In this course, we turn to the Bible—a universal source given by the Creator of mankind and the Author of marriage—to discover the truth. How does the Bible talk about this powerful relationship?

Through your study of this course, we pray that you will:

  • Develop your understanding of God’s instructions for relationships, especially marriage
  • Work with your spouse to decide how you will apply these biblical principles of behavior and attitude to your marriage relationship. If you are single, you will find guidance to apply these principles to other close relationships as well
  • Root out lies, promises, and traumatic memories that inhibit the perfecting of your marriage
  • Analyze biological and emotional aspects of sex in marriage
  • Apply the particular needs of each gender to the way you relate to your spouse
  • Practice biblical models of healthy communication
  • Develop perspectives and guidelines for handling your areas of mutual responsibility, which include money, ministry, and your parents
  • Thoughtfully plan ways to be able to teach, counsel, and display to others how to live well in marriage and how to be an excellent spouse
  • Spend time thinking about the ways that single, divorced, or widowed people or those who are married to non-Christians may glorify God in their own living situations, and how you can better support them in the Body of Christ
  • Develop greater holiness in your own life
  • Better portray the love between Christ and the church in your own marriage relationship
  • Experience greater joy, greater worship, and more effective service to God together
  • Build your spouse’s heart and your heart a safe home together

In a good marriage, your spouse is your bravest ally, your truest friend, your most effective co-laborer, and your closest sibling in Christ. These are just a few of the personal benefits you may experience from investing time, energy, and prayer into this course and into deepening your relationship with your spouse.