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Paul’s epistle to the churches in Rome has had an enormous impact on the history of the church. As a major Scriptural influence for leaders in the Protestant Reformation, such as Martin Luther and John Wesley, this book summarizes Paul’s Christian teaching. There is no more magnificent statement of the doctrines of grace than those found in this letter.

This course examines background issues of the book of Romans, offering insight into the apostle Paul’s heart for the church as he expressed insight into the heart of God for His people.

Through your study of this course, we pray that you will:

  • Appreciate the up-to-date solutions that God supplies in this letter for problems that Christians must face today and apply them as needed in your life and ministry
  • Appreciate more deeply the life, character, and ministry of the apostle Paul and apply the principles that will improve your own life and work
  • Be able to discuss the following aspects of the background of the Roman epistle: the date of writing, the occasion for writing, and the recipients of the letter
  • Be able to explain and trace the development of Paul’s teaching on faith throughout Romans
  • Be able to use the diagrams, sketches, maps, and a chronological chart when teaching from Romans
  • Be able to apply the fundamental principles of inductive Bible study to your study of other Bible passages
  • Develop and improve your skills of interpreting other Bible passages as you use the methods that you have learned

But how will this book affect you? How will the study of this ancient letter make a difference in your walk with God? This book will give you a magnificent picture of God’s grace; His unconditional acceptance of you based on the finished work of Christ. There is perhaps no more important truth to authentic Christian living.