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Through his missionary letter to the Colossians, Paul stressed the importance of understanding whom Christ is, what He has accomplished for believers through His death and resurrection, and how they should conduct their lives as a result.

Paul instructed the young believers in Colossae about how to live according to the gospel and how to avoid doctrines and practices that are contrary to God’s word. His method and teaching provide the modern-day Christian with a model for leading others to maturity in Christ. This course will guide you in a study of this valuable and timely portion of God’s Word.

Through your study of this course, we pray that you will:

  • Be able to discuss the background, theme, and flow of thought of Colossians
  • Exhibit a new confidence and skill in your ability to study the text of Scripture by using Bible study methods
  • Be able to explain God’s plan of salvation as presented in Colossians, including how God desires His people to live as a result
  • Exhibit greater spiritual maturity and an enriched walk with the Lord
  • Incorporate into your ministry principles of ministry found in Colossians
  • Preach or teach a series of messages on Colossians
  • Prepare and teach this course to others in your ministry setting

Are you ready to begin your study of Colossians? Prepare yourself to grow spiritually as you meditate on God’s words about maturity and life within His gospel.