Church Dynamics

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Pastors are charged with a congregation of souls who need to be transformed by the Bread of Life. What does it really mean to pastor the flock of God? What are the biblical mandates for leading a church body, and how does a pastor implement them?
Using the Bible as the guide for the church, this course explores God’s plan for growing a church that honors Christ.

Some of the foundational concepts in this course are:

  • Developing a craving for authenticity to lead the body of Christ
  • Being able to give a biblical definition of the church
  • Developing a biblical view of the dynamics of worship, edification, multiplication, leadership, and administration
  • Learning how to test the dynamics of a church according to Scriptural standards
  • Developing a personal biblical philosophy of ministry

This course should help a pastor or church leader get ready to try to capture God’s vision for His church―a vision without limits!