Becoming a Facilitator

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One of the greatest needs facing the growing church around the world is the equipping of servant-leaders to shepherd the multiplying new congregations. It’s time not only to strengthen your biblical understanding and practical ministry, but also to enable you to equip others.

This course will equip students to facilitate Internet Biblical Seminary courses and serve as a handbook to aid them in their journey toward becoming an effective mentor to other facilitators. Learning to be a good facilitator is a process. Students will grow increasingly more confident as they understand their role and apply the contents of this course.

Through the study of this course, students will:

  • Come to understand the role of the facilitator
  • Be able to evaluate the facilitator’s personal devotion to God, character, heart, vision, and leadership
  • Discover how to choose the right students for a second-generation group
  • Understand course workbook design and structure for this course and others
  • Learn practical facilitating skills; for example, asking good questions, leading a small group, creative teaching, team facilitating, and using short lectures
  • Learn to prepare for this seminar or others, a process including the personal impact of the course in your life, course overview, and lesson plan development
  • Be able to facilitate this seminar or others, including the orientation of a course, course schedule, and lesson-by-lesson facilitation
  • Evaluate this seminar or others and solve problem areas
  • Mentor toward multiplication
  • Maintain the right perspectives





















This course will give students much joy as they seek to model, in their role as a facilitator, the heart and ministry focus.